Cheval Blanc / LVMH Hôtel Management

Courchevel // Saint-Barth // Randhéli
Xmas Tree 2015

Which beautiful challenge to answer the invitation in the journey of each of 3 Houses Cheval Blanc. How to give an elegant visibility to this beautiful event of the calendar, Christmas ? We realized and multiplied drawings, images and models to create a harmony between a place and a fir tree, bright and friendly. I declined numerous sketches in search of a generous, ample and colored vision, of an alive and warm symbol which represents the Christmas tree. The archetypes of the winter naturally joined little by little, the wood, the gold, the light. Then we looked for the iconic colors of every house to create indestructible links between this architectural presence and the house which will welcome it. The breath and the transparency are very present thanks to the oversize Christmas baubles, each realized glass flabbergasted and custom-made, to Meisenthal. They left on the height of the trunk or the mast in oak white lazuré, as plant leaves are it at the rate of the golden section. We wished to weave in this project, the magic and the poetry of Christmas to accompany the exclusivity, the senses of the crafts and the art to receive French-style, which establish the identity of Courchevel, Saint Barth and Randhéli.

Christmas Tree Story